Fill a temporary void or if desired, even occupy a strategic position. They deliver results before proceeding to the next task.

Utilise your FleetLocum

  • Help you build and deliver a cost efficient/fit-for-purpose Corporate Mobility/Fleet policy and help you update on an as-required basis.
  • Complete a Duty-of-Care audit and policy implementation.
  • Assist your procurement team in the evaluation of a fleet management RFI/RFP and where necessary oversee the implementation of your preferred option.
  • Reduce the cost of expensive Management Consultants whose experience/knowledge of the fleet environment is ‘sketchy’.
  • Manage key components of your fleet vehicle supply chain – so you can focus on the strategic options.

Your FleetLocum is an independent, efficient and unbiased resource

  • Keep your Directors out of the courts.
  • Deliver cost control and efficiency to your exact specification.
  • Keep your vehicle fleet supply chain on a short ‘leash’.
  • Bring all the service/cost components of corporate mobility under a single control factor – for ease of audit and instant review.
  • Be a performance employee with a proven track record and demonstrable results.
  • Be a perceptive person who can adapt quickly to new environments and deliver results within a short time frame.
  • Be immediately available.
  • Call on the resources of the FleetLocum support team to assist in every eventuality.

Your FleetLocum's Characteristics

  • Determined; this is essential because there must be sufficient experience and empathy to be able to tackle a new project every six to nine months.
  • Engaging; the selection process for interim positions is more stringent and focused than the standard recruitment process within companies. Our interim manager can make quick contact and gain confidence in his/her new work environment.
  • Urgent; focused with the insight to quickly see what’s going on in a totally unfamiliar environment. S/he must be able to analyse, develop and deliver solutions on time and within budget.
  • Communicative; s/he needs to be at ease with transition and a regular change of organisational culture. Possess strong communication skills and can function both independently and within a team.

Your Permanent FleetLocum

Your FleetLocum is independent. Therefore, it is possible that in consultation with FleetLocum, they can be permanently employed at your company. If you need temporary support through a secondment or interim arrangement our existing team of in-house FleetLocum support could be a more appropriate solution.